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Free Range Plus

Information on FREE RANGE PLUS eggs from Chanteclair Farms

Why Free Range Plus?

Like all Free Range eggs:

 Over 99% of nutrients are obtained from the feed provided to hens
 Ingredients selected can make a profound difference to the egg produced
 Our unique Vegetarian diet produces a nutritionally superior egg

How are Chanteclair's Free Range Plus hens and eggs different?

 We use precise nutritional know-how to ensure a nutritionally-superior, tasty, natural egg
 We feed our hens a diet containing a balanced selection of grains, legumes, beans, linseed (flax) and alfalfa
 This unique vegetarian diet is made up of carefully selected natural ingredients high in specific nutrients: OMEGA 3, VITAMIN E, FOLATE AND ORGANIC SELENIUM
 Our Free Range hens spend much of their days in the sunny outdoors grazing on lucerne and grasses (wonderful supplements to their meals)
 Our eggs are NOT Genetically Modified

You should choose Chanteclair's Free Range Plus eggs because they give you and your family real nutritional benefits:

Plus OMEGA 3
 Omega 3 is a highly unsaturated essential good fat
 Eat a range of foods rich in Omega 3 for a healthy functioning body.
 Omega 3 found in a variety of foods (FREE RANGE Plus  eggs, in fish, certain breads containing linseed, different nuts and some green leafy vegetables)
 Breast-fed babies readily receive a high concentration of OMEGA 3 transferred from the mother
 Using Omega 3 on a regular basis consumers may notice:
 lower blood pressure and lower concentrations of triglycerides & lipoproteins
 improvement in the prevention of ventricular fibrillation
 less incidences of coronary heart disease
 a reduction in the incidence or severity of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, migraine and other inflammatory complaints
 less resistance of insulin to body tissues and
 help in the prevention of late-inset diabetes.
The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends an increase of OMEGA 3 consumption.

 Assists in promoting healthy skin
 Acts as a powerful antioxidant useful in mopping up excess free radicals generated by today's lifestyle These antioxidant properties protect the essential OMEGA 3 fats
 They also help protect the body from free radicals.
An average 55g egg contains 8mg Vitamin E.

 This B Group Vitamin is essential for a healthy body
 Vital for women planning a family - by increasing Folate intake before and during pregnancy women may reduce the risk of birth defects such as Spina Bifida in their baby.
 At least one month prior to and during pregnancy 400g of Folate is the recommended daily intake
 Adult recommended intake is 200g per day.
An average 55g serving (one Free Range Plus egg!) contains 55g of Folate being 27% of the recommended daily intake.

Has a Vitamin E effect

A Free Range Plus egg and a glass of orange juice will give you all the nutritional value you need to start the day - the orange juice is for the Vitamin C - the Free Range Plus egg will give you the rest!


For Further Information
Mail:   PO Box 6202 Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone: 02 9837 1984  Bus. Hrs 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
Email: sales@chanteclair.com.au



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