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Chanteclair Handy Hints

It is our pleasure to bring you the following Handy Hints. Should you have your own Handy Hint for Chanteclair Farms Body Egg or Free Range Plus range of eggs then please email us at sales@chanteclair.com.au. We'd love to add to this list and with your help we will be able to share all of our ideas with everyone. Thanks in advance! 

Chanteclair Handy Hint #1

For easy peel hard boiled Body Egg and Free Range Plus eggs:
A pin prick made in the round end of an egg will allow steam to escape while it boils, thus avoiding cracking. Place eggs in cold water, boil eggs in simmering water for approximately 5-6 minutes depending on egg size, remove eggs from hot water and immerse in warm water.
For best results remove shell while eggs are still warm.

Alternatively to peel and cut the hard-boiled egg lengthwise, scoop the hard-boiled egg out of the shell with a large spoon.

Chanteclair Handy Hint #2

This tip comes from a fan of Chanteclair Farms' eggs - he swears this works:

Our user tells us that he badly burnt his finger when cracking Body Eggs onto the BBQ plate. He quickly put his burned finger into the white of the egg remaining in the cool eggshell and has absolutley no blister or even red skin!! Has he discovered a new use for egg whites? 

Chanteclair Handy Hint #3 - From our Dietitian!

Hair Repair - this works every time

3 tablespoons almond oil
2 tablespoons aloe gel
3 teaspoons honey
2 Body Egg egg yolks

  • Whip the almond oil, honey and Body Egg egg yolks together
  • Stir in the aloe gel, till a smooth paste is formed
  • Apply to clean, dry hair with a comb
  • Cover your hair with plastic and a warm towel
  • Leave for 30 minutes and rinse out with warm water

Dry naturally

Chanteclair Handy Hint #4 - Also from our Dietitian!

Nappy Rash Repair - this will be used by every mother and welcomed by every baby.

1 Body Egg egg white

  • Whip the egg white till white foam is formed
  • At each nappy change, apply a layer to the affected area
  • Keep refrigerated when not in use. 

Discard after 24 hours


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