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Dr. Gurcharn S. Sidhu Ph.D

To make your journey through our site more interesting we are honoured to share with you the knowledge and skills of Dr. Gurcharn S. Sidhu Ph.D. For many years Dr Sidhu was the Senior Principal Research Scientist with the Division of Food Science and Technology at the CSIRO. He has been responsible for many scientific breakthroughs in regard to the stabilisation of certain elements of foods (including eggs and milk). He has published many, many papers on his various scientific discoveries. We are grateful to him for the wonderful and untiring work he has undertaken to develop the stabilisation of Omega 3 in eggs.

Dr. Sidhu presents two papers on this website on Lipids in Food and Their Role in Human Health and Lipoproteins: Their Structure, Secretion and Function. Please take the time to journey with him through information on cholesterol, lipids, triglycerides, lipoproteins and other fascinating scientific information.

Don't think "I wouldn't understand that!" This amazing man writes for the layperson to be able to grasp and understand what's happening to everything that's going on with his or her body! You'll be amazed at the information you will glean - you might even be challenged to amend your lifestyle!! See what correct information and knowledge will do for you, your family and your future!

Over the next few months we look forward to scientific information on:

Role of lipids in food and nutrition

Foods for the Future: 1. Cholesterol reduced and fat modified eggs and

Foods for the Future: 2. Cholesterol reduced and fat modified milk and other dairy products

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